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    2005 RXP Low Oil pressure

    Sorry to be a pain. I purchased a 110 hr machine with a oil issue. i start out with great oil pressure and then after its warm its dropping down to 15#. pulled the engine and found what seem to a washer in the screen near the oil pump where oil is added. seeing i have the engine removed can someone help me with a checklist to get it cleaned to remove debris from the motor and how do i tell if the sc has been rebuilt. i just pulled the front oil pump and its chewed up horrible and Im scared!!

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    so the primary oil pump has some scoring as well after tearing down the motor Ive ordered all the parts needed, but the pto/timimg cover does anyone have any good recommendations on where to buy them from? Anyone??

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    Sbt...has rebuilt ones...

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    My 2007 ate the ceramic SC washer which destroyed both oil pumps but the main bearings look perfect. Based on suggestions here, I also replaced the timing chain with an OEM.

    How do the mains look on yours?

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    the mains must have been replaced as there is no scoring or scratches, cylinders are good and it frustrates me that i cant find the rest of the ceramic washer from the sc. The guy i bought it off stated the motor was rebuilt and sc rebuilt not sure but everything looks new but it only has 110 hours. i cleaned out all the oil passes with air and brake clean and found no more pieces. the oil sieves had nothing in them and no metal flakes found anywhere. i did however find that the balance shaft was not lined up properly it was off a few teeth. any feed back on sbt parts for this? all the parts to the sc i found were at the secondary oil pump.

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