I have a 2007 Seadoo Speedster 215 SCIC Viper Red and am rebuilding the entire jet pump system from the driveline back. The unit was ran in saltwater and the Venturi / Reverse Gate was stuck to the point that the gate snapped during removal of the 4 screws to the jet pump. After several purchases online that were later canceled due to no stock.

I am down to the last part needed for the rebuild which is the Venturi part number 204160302 or 204160306.
Any ideas where to find it or an upgrade available?

Everywhere I have looked it shows no stock or discontinued.
With me being new to this, is there a part number to cross reference it to or an aftermarket version?

$1600 into the rebuild and cannot locate this final piece to complete my rebuild puts me dead in the water.

Any help is appreciated.