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    Changing oil on your own and warranty..

    I was wondering if anyone knows if changing your own oil and filter would void the warranty on a new waverunner... I'm not doing it for cost savings, rather for time savings and at least I know it's gonna be done right and without a mess in the hull...
    Any ideas or past experiences?
    Thnx guys

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    I believe most people on this blog change their own oil and just save the receipts for the parts. I also take a picture or two as I change it. Years ago I asked my dealer and was told it doesn't effect your warranty. Ask your dealer.

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    By law, no manufacturer can mandate a particular brand of any maintenance item, fluid or require a dealer to service.

    but they can refuse a warranty if not maintained as per the requirements.

    I do most of my own maintenance. I just keep receipts which is pretty easy to do with Amazon. Or buy items from a local dealer albeit a little more expensive. Taking pics or vids is a good idea but likely not needed.

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    Fill in service book....that what a mechanic would do....recommend keeping invoice for oil and filter and personally use Yamaha branded ones despite warranty ending before I bought the ski......

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    Thank you for all the replies, I'll be doing it myself and good tip in taking pics.... Hate to bring it and leave it at the dealer just for oil changes.

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