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    Hi all,

    I finally made from jump from a scom only to the maptuner x, ski already has a power filter, free flow, and catch can. I loaded the 8300 power filter tune and it showed completed successfully, but now I cannot put the ski in sport mode before start up is that option only with a scom??

    Also I rode it today and it was choppy out so I was not able to get top speeds but was wave jumping and seen some high rpms (8800-9K), am I pushing it too far now because its tuned?

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    As far as sport mode is concerned thats normal. I wonder what would happen if now you added the scom back on.

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    I wouldn't push the stock retainers past 8300rpm. Wave jumping a modified ski that has the rev limiter removed with a factory valvetrain is asking to chew up a valve and piston and potentially lock up a motor. Your sport mode issue is normal. Starting in sport mode is a feature of the SCOM only.

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    When i was bone stock no tune mine would flash 88-8900 when coming out of the water. That’s even before the ski was unhooked letting off the throttle it would still flash that high

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