First time posting but I reviewed previous threads regarding blow-by on this model and other models as well as the stickied threads above, but I have not found much in the way of confirming what exactly my issue is/was. I took the ski out to the lake and entered sport mode, putted around for a little bit, including WOT for no longer than a few minutes in the entirety of the 30-40 minute ride. When I pulled the jet ski to the dock, I tied off and popped open the seat to check internals (it's a habit and doesn't take long so I just do it) and there was oil covering the inside of the hull and engine parts. The dipstick was sticking more than halfway out of the tube, so the issue of where the oil came from was isolated, but I'm not sure what could have caused this much oil (maybe half a quart) to pour from the stem.

Oil level on warm ski showed at the bottom of the notches so still within but not perfect. When I got home I pulled the plastics apart on it to check the T.O.P.S. and it operated correctly as far as I can tell (opened and closed when turned). Where this T.O.P.S. valve connects had a good bit of oil, but judging from the seal around the valve I imagine some oil is expected; please correct me there if I am wrong. Tubes and connections from valve all looked fine, compression on all 3 cylinders was 121, 125, 125 so I didn't worry about a leak down test.

Basically from that point I could not determine what else I need to be checking for. Without compression issues I have no reason to suspect blow-by from pistons/bad rings, the T.O.P.S. valve I may just replace because it is inexpensive, but I'm undecided. I pulled the dipstick up and turned the ski on, and there was certainly pressure coming from the dipstick tube, when I gave it throttle it seemed to neutralize most of the pressure, all that being said I dropped it back in the water and putted around for a bit (maybe an hour) and tried WOT (not long, just enough to to actually get RPM's up) and could not replicate the "dipstick-popping-up" issue.

I don't like the feeling that, having really done nothing to solve the issue, this might happen again when me, a friend, or family member might be out riding this one and it goes unnoticed until it is too late. Is there anything else I could be missing that I should check or even replace as a precaution? I will be winterizing my jet skis in the next few weeks and storing them for the winter (which I can hold off on if I need to do maintenance and get the jet ski warm), but I'm not sure what else I should be checking. 2010 RXT-X 260 with 160 hours on it, supercharger replaced at 120, winterized and summerized every year.

I appreciate any advice or help that might be offered; i'm not the most knowledgeable or mechanically inclined individual but I have every interest in learning and doing the work on my own equipment when possible. Thank you for your time.