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    Quote Originally Posted by Q in Arizona View Post
    There's neoprene seat could just put them on when you know you're going to hit the water. You can shop around online and find different brands/prices. probably still use a towel on top of them if you wanted.
    different style but I keep one of these rolled up for exactly these occasions takes seconds to throw on and saves the leather getting wet and salty.....

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    I'm really late to this thread, but the same silicon dioxide protection that's available for your paint (ceramic coatings), is also available and formulated for leather. Gyeon makes a durable product that's very easy to apply and won't break the bank, but there are a number of other manufacturers out there with their own formulations as well.

    Clean your leather meticulously first, and then I reccommend a liberal application. It will impart the same hydrophobic properties to your leather that it does to your paint and prevent moisture from entering any of the pores.

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    I use my
    SeatShield cover. It is waterproof, way cheaper than the neoprene and easy to remove.

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