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    19 GP1800R decided it would rather be a grenade than an engine.

    Today was a sad day for me and my GP. What started as a nice ride after work ended up as a stressful string of events. Not only did I lose my car keys in the river just 30 minutes before, my GP decided to eat itself a few miles away from the dock. I was casually cruising along at about 55mph when the ski threw itself into limp mode and proceeded to shut-down. It made no funny noises, no signs of issues, just one second spinning like a top, the next shitting the bed. I was very optimistic at first. Having only 30 hours on the ski I thought I had a clogged cooling line or something more reasonable that threw the ski into safety mode, but boy was I wrong. A friend who was following behind said I left a nice blue smoke trail the last 100 yards or so. I decided not to try and crank the engine or Macgyver anything on the water and just have him tow me to the dock to prevent any additional damage.

    Luckily Onstar helped me to get my now keyless car home, not making my day any worse. Finally I was able to get this thing back to the house and open it up. It looked like a aerosol can of oil exploded in the engine bay. Gas tank, exhaust, I mean everything had oil residue. The underside of the seat was literally dripping. After cleaning up my new oil painting I found the debree, and soon after my new quarter sized hole just behind the oil cooler.

    This is actually my 2nd 2019 ski to die this year. First was a Kawasaki that a friend wrecked, but to say the least 2019 has not been kind to my on the water. This GP was by far more fun the Kawi but with only 30 hours I was suprised to see her die so soon. The GP was running Riva 1+ for its final 10 hours or so and I couldn't even sit on the thing without grinning ear to ear it was so fun. I am currently waiting to take her to the dealer to see what the cost to bring her back to life is, but I'm a little fearful.

    Hopefully the rest of you have better luck than I have on the water this year!
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    Do you suspect it’s related to the mods?

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    Did you spin highter then 8650 rpm without light retainers ?

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    No, my tune ran at 8,100

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    I don't personally think so, yamaha might have a different opinion. People are getting hundreds and hundreds pf hours on much more aggressive setups than mine.

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    Should be interesting. Good luck!

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