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    Starting issue with brand new 2019 Yamaha EX

    Go to start it, and it makes a loud clicking noise like the relay is fluttering on the top right front side of the engine....any easy fixes or ideas?
    Battery is charged fully also. Has less than 1.5 hours on it!
    I could take it in to have it serviced under warranty but if its an easy fix then I would rather just do it myself. Ski is in the boat house, so I would have to tow it to a ramp and load it, unload another ski that is already on the trailer, tow it back to boat house...and do it all over when I get the ski back.

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    Check the battery cable ends for tightness at the battery. Loosen, inspect, retighten.

    Put a voltmeter on the battery posts, then watch the battery voltage while you press Start button. How much does the voltage sag?

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