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    1996 Polaris SLX 780 Rev limited 3850

    I am hoping some wizard can help me solve this problem. Earlier this summer my 1996 SLX 780 had the straps come loose on the battery and allowed the plastic protection cover to shift and the battery shorted to the electrical box. At first blush I noticed the display was out. So looking at the schematic I determined the fuse was blown in the electrical box...which is was. I replaced the fuse and the display came back to life. I took the ski out and ran it only to find it is rev limited at 3850 rpm. It is consistent at 3850 every time. I read some of the threads here and verified the compression is at 120 psi per cylinder...all even. I next cut the leads to the spark plug wires back a quarter inch and reinstalled the spark plug caps. I tested each plug and fire is consistent across all 3 cylinders rev still limited to 3850. I removed the MFD completely and no change. The ski idles evenly with no misses or dead spots. Out of the water it will rev to 6200rpm. In the water it is smooth up until 3850 were it limits. My question is in the shorting of the battery is there a possibility it could have toasted some of the electronics (CDI/Regulator) that can cause the rev limit issue? If there is an electrical issue I would think the rev limit would occur in the water or out. There are no burned or melted wires outside or inside the electrical box. I am not sure the fuel pump would create this issue or not. Any help is appreciated.

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    Sorry, I never saw this thread until now.

    Have you checked that all 3 cyls are warm to the touch when ran in the water? Looking for a dead cylinder.

    Does the ski immediately rev limit when put into the water? Wondering if the magneto is getting warm and then failing.

    Have a friend help you launch the ski. Start the ski up on the ramp and make sure it revs to 6500 RPM out of the water. And while it's running have them back the trailer into the water. (you'll need to have the ski in reverse obviously or it will just push you back onto the trailer) See what it does?

    Have you looked at your piston wash? That might help identify a problem like water ingestion, clogged carb jets, broken reeds, etc....

    3850 is an odd RPM to be limited to. 4300 is the factory setting and the fact it revs to 6k on land does seem like something other than elec.

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