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    Msx150 polaris damper

    Hello, I would like to know how to change the drive coupler of a polaris msx 150, the damper. Thank you

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    Pull the jetpump off (4 LONG bolts + steering linkage bolt + reverse bucket bolt + 2 hoses zip-tied on side of pump)
    It pulls off... straight back... usually a tough tug to get the impeller and driveshaft to come apart.

    Next you will need a driveshaft spline tool to allow you to get a big socket and breaker bar on the end of the driveshaft

    You will need a chain wrench/clamp to wrap around the driveshaft-side coupler and hold it still while unthreading driveshaft from it (both couplers are regular lefty loosey). I recommend avoiding temptation to jam a long rod between the coupler fingers to hold it still... I've broken a coupler doing this... but some have better luck.

    After you unthread the driveshaft, the coupler should be free... as well as the rubber dampner/cush.

    If you go this far, highly recommend you rebuild the Thru-hull bearing/seal carrier that the driveshaft rides on.

    Lastly, just FYI... if you pulled the engine out... you can easily slide the driveshaft (w/ coupler still attached) out from inside the hull... so do that if you have to pull the engine... beats trying to separate the driveshaft and coupler.


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    Hello, thank you, you have pictures

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    Hello, thank you, you have pictures

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