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    2019 GTX230 - removing the front intake grate bolt after breaking the head off

    First time ski owner, coming from a boat. Girlfriends nephew let it suck up the ski rope last weekend.

    Got it home, and from the looks of it, intake grate coming off will be much easier. After a lot of googling, I now know that is not the case!

    Anywho, snapped the head off the front bolt. Managed to get one of the 10 or 12 mm nuts off. The 21 mm nut is still on, and doesn't want to push through (seems like a huge pain to get to with a wrench!).

    What way should I go about to get the grate off and a new bolt in?
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    welcome aboard GH

    it is unfortunate, but that nut is going to have to come off

    an inspection camera will help lots here, as well as the correct wrench. an offset box version will make it a bit easier to get a grip on that nut...and a helper is suggested too.

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    Is there anything holding the nut in there besides sealant? The rest of the bolt is in there, didn't want to push it through with a punch and chance damaging anything else.

    I'll have to order another camera, those things were great working on the boat. Got a new phone and the cable doesn't fit this one.

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    if I am not mistaken the bolt is threaded into a hull insert and that nut was put there to assure the grate would not come off "by accident"

    tread carefully here

    i'd suggest a heat gun to heat the bolt befoe your next attempt at removal. with a little bit of heat and luck when you spin that nut off, it will take the bolt out with it, to the inside of the hull

    a lesson to others..ask first, or check out the parts diagram to see what you might be looking at when trying something for the first time

    you'll see here:


    that there is a nut and washer on the other side of that front bolt

    I've dealt with these a number of times and it's far cheaper when they just bring it to a shop to get the rope out, once you break the bolt off, it becomes a more expensive affair, and if they really bung up what's left of the bolt, it becomes a _really_ expensive repair involving a replacement of the threaded insert

    lets see a picture of where you are. if there is plenty of bolt left you can use a die grinder to cut a notch into it for a screwdriver for your assistant to hold the bolt while you spin the nut off

    I did mention it was an expensive job, right?

    I use an on-call shop helper sometimes, but I gotta hand him $50 to come down to the shop for a couple of hours of this or that.

    you'll want to order an OEM stainless bolt for the replacement if you don't have a hardware store with an awesome assortment of marine hardware available

    good luck!

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    It seemed like a simple job by looking at it, just 3 bolts! I'll get a pic when I get home. Are those 3 bolts the only thing holding the grate on? Seems like it's still on there solid. The 2 aft bolts are out, and the head of the forward bolt is gone. Can't cut into the bolt for a flat head until I get the grate off. Is the second nut, 21mm closest to the hull, the threaded insert you were talking about, or is the threaded insert actually held in the hull?

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    yeah, looks like a simple job, that's the trap. on much older skis it WAS a simple job, the bolt screwed into the threaded hull insert and that was that. After some issues they backed up that with a bolt/washer/sealant

    the threaded insert is for the front bolt. the nut inside works like a "jam nut" to keep the bolt from backing out and causing a high speed accident if the front of the grate comes loose

    there is some sealant on the front of the grate likely making the grate difficult to remove

    refer to the link I posted. that shows where all the hardware is.

    get a heat gun or a hair dryer..and some safety googles and warm up the grate a little, it should pop right off after you get the rear bolts out

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    I have had my GTX230 grate off, did not realise it had a nut on top of the threaded plate and spun the assembly breaking the small tab. I'll call it a plate as it is not an insert. It is a cast alloy disc with a small tab on the bottom and a nut on top sealed in place with some soft goo, should push off easily.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is where I'm at now. I looked at the parts breakdown, but I only saw it with one nut. IF I can get a 21mm wrench on the base nut and am easy out to back the broken bolt out, I should be good, correct? I'm guessing that I can't use a punch and push the broken bolt and nut up through the hull without causing more damage, correct?

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    Got the grate off. Put the heat gun on it for a bit, then hooked a strap from the front of the grate pulling backwards, slowly. Started easing off. What kind of sealant is that? I have some 5100 from the boat outdrive. Can I use that or is there something better with the finish on this thing?

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