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    Need help from a member in NC if possible

    Hey guys, new member here in NC and really appreciate all the information located on this site! I just bought three 06 Sea Doo GTX's and one of them needs the display replaced. From what I've read on here, I can purchase a new cluster from Candoo Pro that already has the correct mapping loaded, however I believe it still has to be "married" somehow to the ECU. I'd really like to avoid the dealership if at all possible and buying additional software just to load one cluster if I could. Is there anyone in NC or even somewhat close to me that could marry it to the ECU for me for a reasonable price? Also, did I understand the process correctly that I wouldn't need the dealership if I buy it from Candoo with the firmware already on it?



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    I wouldn't think the dealership would charge that much to marry the ecu to the cluster. Maybe half a hour labor?

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    the cluster does not have mapping on it, the ECU does. On the older skis i was not aware the cluster had to be married but maybe. i know the ECU stores hours as well

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    The 2006+ skis require the cluster to be married to the ECU. What part of NC are you in?

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    Candoo does all of this. Just give Dennis a call and he can fix you up.

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