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    i havent had it in the water yet, i bought it last week super cheap because the previous owner was having trouble with it reving up. i have run it for short bursts on the trailer and it seems to start and idle well but its been my experience with the older skis i have that they can run seemingly flawless on the trailer but be a dog in the water. my plan is to do a compression test Saturday before i float it, take it out and see for myself how it acts, and if it acts like it wont rev or has lousy throttle response, put a fresh set of spark plugs in it and check my fuel pressure again. ill give you guys an update probably sunday on how it went, im out of ideas for things to test and check while its in the drive way. thanks again for all the help

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    updae on the genesis, i had it in the water today, new plugs, 125 psi compresiion all cylinders, still wont rev up. if i play with the throtle i can get up on plane but only do 40 mph and 5k rpm. throtle respose is pretty lousy too in the water. any sugestions? im kinda stumped

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    My first guess would be TPS

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    i do have an extra one that came with the ski but somebody cut it open so im not sure its useable. anybody now where i can get a known good tps sensor? i checked ebay and almost cried.

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