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    polaris slt 700 gas gauge issue

    Looking for some help with this. I have a 700 slt with a gas gauge that does not work. I removed the sending unit from the tank and dissassembled it. Looked good magnet in place wires look good. I had my box open to install a new stator so checking was easy. I have disconnected the wires pink / black from the board. Attached the ohm meter and checked the unit 38 full and 230 empty. Slides good and reads all the way. I put the unit back in the tank and read as I lowered it. Nothing at all. The slide raises but no reading changes. checked over and over but the same thing. I have a second sending unit from a slth 700 that is the same type but longer. It reads in or out of the tank just fine. The kicker here is if I lower my unit into a bucket of water it reads fine. I did this only because I have a machine that mixes fuel now. No oil injection. Seemed stupid that the resistance of the fuel / oil would effect the sender but I was struggling for some kind of answer.I am going to remove the magnet from the SLTH unit and see if the magnet is just weak in my slt sender.

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    The fuel float is supposed to float in gasoline. Water is denser than gasoline, so testing the float in water is not useful.

    It is a common problem for the fuel float to no longer float in gasoline. Replace the float with new and the problem should correct itself. Replacement fuel floats can be found at

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    GOOD CALL.... I took the one out from the slth sender and swapped it. work great now. thanks.I will buy a new one from your link just so it's done right for next summer.

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