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    300x power dip at 7200 rpm, comes back up at full throttle

    I've searched the forum for a while but can't seem to find anything similar. I've seen some SCOM related issues, but I recently bought a totally stock 2013 300x with less than 1 hour on it, no SCOM. I broke it in until 10 hours, changed oil/filter and have about 20 hours on it total. It runs perfectly all the way up to approx 64mph / 7200rpm. As I continue to pull the throttle past about 3/4 full throttle, I get a slight dip in power but the speed remains pretty much the same. As I continue to pull the throttle, nothing happens until I'm basically at full throttle at which point I get a surge in power and it pulls strong all the way to top speed at 67mph. I've had 3 Ultras prior and have never experienced this issue. Any idea what is going on between 3/4 and full throttle?

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    No ideas? You guys always figure it out.

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    Some Late Model Ultra-300's and Early Model 310's had something funky in the ECM Code.


    When the issue was identified shortly after their respective Purchase Period - most Dealerships changed the ECM under Warranty.

    Being your ski is a 2013 and it's almost 2020 now - you may just want to get a re-flash.


    Good Luck !!!

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    Thanks for the tip @Spooling

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