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    New member - Help finding a good service center in San Diego, CA for Weber MPE 750

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this GH. I have a Williams dinghy with a Weber 750MPE. Just bought it. Runs good then when in higher revs it starts to hesitate like its having a fuel starvation. I havent flushed the fuel out (dont know the age but cant be too old). Looks like the pump is in the fuel tank..While I'm doing that...Quick questions>

    1. Is the weber 750 mpe a reliable engine?
    2. Any recommendations on repair shops for these engines near San Diego, CA.

    I went to Williams the manufacturer who pointed me to shelter island inflatables in San Diego. Called them and they basically said they are not comfortable working on these engines. I came across this forum and see its used in many other applications. Wondering if taking it a jet ski service center makes more sense. Or if there is someone who works on these independently that would be awesome.

    Went with this because I wanted something to tow my kids in the bay. But dinghys without outboards are like aliens to most boat shops. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    I'd reach out to Randy at Weber Power. He is pretty much the US distributor for Weber repair parts. If there is a company in the San Diego area that is offering repair services, he'll likely know of them.

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    Awesome. I'll try him.

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