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    Charge (NOT lighting) coil testing

    98 Sportster 1800 twin 717's

    Both engines have been exhibiting some very strange and random run issues that come and go. I'm not going to get into the minutia of them unless I have to. I've rebuilt my entire fuel system and both carbs 3 times ea in the past month alone and the issues have persisted unchanged though all of that. Compression is 140-150 in all cylinders. Batteries (yes 2) seem to be charging fine but I will test them tomorrow to be sure. I have come to believe that I may have charging coil issues in one or both engines. I understand that the battery charging system and the CDI charging system are separate in this boat and that there is a coil for each mounted on the stator. Thus, it is necessary to point out that we shouldn't confuse the charging coil, which charges the ignition capacitor, with the lighting coil, which powers the battery charging system. There are 2 yellow wires coming off my stator, 1 black/red, and a black. The black is ground, the yellow wires both go to the rectifier / battery charging system, and the black/red wire goes to the rpm box and then the CDI coil. I see tests in my shop manual for the yellow wires / lighting coil but none for the black/red wire / charging coil.

    Is there a way to test the charging / ignition coil at the black/red wire? I assume it should not have continuity to ground? Other than that?

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    NM, I found it in the shop manual:

    -W/o engine running, resistance between black and block/red wire should be 40-76 ohms.
    -While cranking engine w/plug wires grounded, voltage b/w black and black/red wires should be be 18-25 Vac.

    Sadly, it can test good and still be bad so I don't know how much good this does me.

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    Good to hear the manual was able to help you. Hope some experts would chime in.

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