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    2013 GTR 215 wants to turn when engine is shut down

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and to the sea-doo world and I'm wondering if you guys can help me out. I've done some google searching and haven't been able to find any answers to my problem.
    So here's my dilemma.
    I bought a used 2013 GTR 215, like new with only 26 hrs on it. Every time i ride it into the shore to beach it and kill the motor it turns to the right. I watch everyone else kill their motor and their machines keep on going the direction they were pointed and easily up on shore. I've had other riders try mine and same thing, it turns to the right once the engine is shut off.
    It makes beaching it very hard and dangerous, let alone i look like a goof trying to beach it. My impeller and wear ring took a beating this summer because i have to come in way closer then id like with the motor running just keep it straight.
    Any one else have this issue??

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    Turn left when you shut it off.

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    LOL doesnt make a difference.

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    two tips:

    1-don't beach it. nothing good ever comes of that. Especially if the ski has IBR
    2-the ski has likely had some bottom or hull repairs which makes it not track straight, lots of "fiberglass guys" have NO idea of what they are doing

    I had a customer with this problem, after he clipped a dock and zippered the side of the hull above the waterline the following repairs showed way too much fiberglass resin and plywood covering some major waterline damage in that area

    you could always measure the steering/opas alignment if you insist on the beaching behavior

    sand anchors a far better way to go. and it reduces the incentive for asshats to ask you to borrow your ski if they have to get wet.

    welcome aboard GH

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