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    First ride on a new 2019 FX Cruiser SVHO - Impressions and questions

    We don't use our Ski's much but figured it was time to replace our '97 GTX and '06 Wake with something new ('06 only had 62 hrs. on it ) I've only ridden the SVHO once and it's awesome but for 4X the money and 13 years newer I was expecting to be blown away. The machine looks awesome, rides and handles nice, power is crazy but I can't help but feeling disappointed with the instrumentation. It seems too basic, the '06 could scroll through lake and engine temperature, top speed etc. The Yamaha really only has one trip meter so it can't give me total accumulated distance least give me two trip meters. Lake temp would have only required a speedometer wheel with integrated sensor, the ECU certainly knows engine temp so no reason it can't display it. A depth reading would also be nice for what these cost, especially considering they market the FX as their luxury line so where are the bells and whistles?

    What about the gas gauge. I filled it before heading out, it read 98% in the water. I rode for about an hour using about 4 gallons but the gauge was reading 52%. 4 gallons is only about 22% so it should have been reading about 76% full.

    We do a lot of towing the kids on ski's, tubes, wakeboards etc so I was really looking forward to the cruise assist. I quickly realized that it holds a specific RPM and not speed so in turns it looses a lot of speed and won't apply throttle to compensate. I does work fine for cruising as the name implies however it seems that holding a set speed vs RPM would have been better. Also the scroll wheel for the lockout is annoying...wouldn't a simple digital keypad like on our phones have been easier?

    Mechanically the thing seems great, it's just the electronic wizardry is a little lacking. All of the key elements are already there, just tweak to conext system with a firmware / software update and it could even better.

    Lastly it somehow got a few light stains on the seat at the dealer. Any suggestions on what to use to clean try and remove them from the fabric feeling sides of the seat? I have a hunch it may be greasy hands from prepping it.

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    I have not yet ridden the 2019 FX SVHO but the fuel gauge inaccuracy is consistent to all reports.

    Some owners have lifted the fuel pump and bent the float arm just enough to produce dash readings that better match actual fuel levels. Unclear how this could even happen on a new Yamaha model but somehow it has.

    The new-for-2019 LCD dash UI also seems to be an odd thing. Again, how did Yamaha end up with that user interface and feature set?

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    I have a 2019 FX SVHO as well. the fuel alarm went off for me and when i filled it, it took 10 gallons. This has happened a few times. my dealer investigating this for another machine and then when they solve it, will fix mine. i have read some people have a fix for this but Yamaha really needs to fix the fuel gauge issue.

    you will also notice the gauge will drop at full throttle then come back, some weird electronic algo probably.

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    Yamaha screwed the pooch big time with the fuel gauge. It’s a mess and an embarrassment. All of the machines need to be recalled and they need a fix for this.

    i have talked to my dealer and they have basically told me to deal with it.

    The machine is awesome and I love it. The fuel filler and tank level is total garbage.

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    Rode for the second time today.....used another two gallons for a total consumed of 6 (1/3 of the tank). The gauge however only reads 1/3 indicating 1/2 of what it should. Overall I'm impressed with the ride and handling but the execution of the connext system seems sub par. Since the throttle is drive by wire they could have easilly added many more features such as multiple drive modes, cruise that maintains speed not RPM. Max speed, odometer in addition to the trip meter, keypad for entering codes vs scroll wheel etc.

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    There are multiple drive modes. 7 of them. I don’t think cruise based on speed is a good idea.
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    Yeah the gas gauge thing is irritating.
    I also don't care for how long it takes the screen to boot up. And that it goes off so quickly once you shut the machine off.

    Overall still love the machine.

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