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    What does pulling the lanyard do?

    Hey guys;

    I have a VXR and a GP1800. I was just curious what happens when you pulled the lanyard on these machines?

    Traditionally I know that the lanyard usually kills spark, however I was wondering if it may cut fuel as well? Does anyone know for certain?

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    unlike old school skis where it grounds the cdi, most modern skis have a shutdown pin on the ecm. When the lanyard is pulled it tells the ecm to kill the engine, a little while later it drops the main power to the ski so the gauge goes off.

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    Yes, it cuts fuel - well . . . sort of . . .

    Long-version :

    Lanyard switch has two functional properties:
    a) Engine-stop logic signaling (via ground signal) to ECU.
    b) Interlock to start circuit power (aka starter solenoid power, aka the Start button).

    In regards to “a”, it is on the same literal circuit as the “Engine Stop” switch, so once either of these are toggled, TTL ground signal to the ECU simply stops it’s active ignition timing routines, and runs a more simple “standby” routine. Standby has no ignition or fuel injector functions, so they just cease by virtue. It basically runs a timer, power to the main relay (hence dash is active), and no power to the fuel relay (fuel pump off - although residual fuel pressure will certainly still be in the fuel rail). Once the timer expires, the ecu then stops all program routines, and sleeps. The “take-away” here, is that the lanyard indirectly kills spark, FIs, and the fuel pump by the ECU switching programed execution modes.

    In regards to “b”, both the lanyard and the engine-stop switch also interrupt the 12v power line to the start-button. This prevents energizing the solenoid when the start button is attempted. In other words, the engine-stop switch, the lanyard switch, AND the start button are all in circuit-series, thus they all need to be in contact position to get power to the solenoid coil.

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