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    New guy with Yamaha FX HO trailer question

    I just bought a trailer today because I got my ski with a double trailer, and I want to sell it, but i needed something to transfer my ski . This is a Yacht Club WC112D-G 2000 year model, but looks new. It was in a warehouse, I don't think it was ever in water lol. Anyway i made a deal, and I was wondering if is not too small for my FX HO? Max Load carrying cap. 1000 lbs. So I just feel I kinda pushing it? I want to buy a rear arch or more like a rack with cooler and extra tanks, so I assuming i will add an extra 100 lbs to the factory 825 lbs, plus gas , an other 50 lbs maybe, so I will be right there.. Should i go get a different bigger capacity trailer, maybe a 1200lbs carry?

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    How long is this year 2000 trailer?

    The modern hulls not only have significant weight, they also tend to be longer and wider than the older models. From twenty years ago.

    While it is okay to have some hull overhang extending at the rear beyond the back ends of the bunks, I often see large hulls crammed onto too small trailers, hanging way out the back.

    A modern trailer such as the Triton trailer single will not only have plenty of weight capacity, it will be long enough to fit the entire hull on the trailer.

    Triton makes several models of single PWC trailer, look at the spec chart to see how they differ in length. The model with curved cross frame rails is well liked. The ski sits closer to the ground which helps with shallow slope launch ramps.

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    Not sure of the model, but it's probably the same Yacht Club trailer I had. It fit the FXHO perfectly. I believe the weight capacity is limited only by the small 8-inch stock tires. If you use a better tire, you'll increase the capacity. I'm pretty sure the springs had a higher rating and the frame is definitely strong enough to support more weight.

    The trailer was great... extra long and wide enough for the FXHO... rode low and was easy to load and unload.

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