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    [QUOTE=John F.;3043503]I tried one for a few weeks and took it back off. It did increase speed about 1mph but lost it's good turning ability that I liked most about the new hull.
    You will need to adjust the reverse bucket, trim and steering linkage.[/QUOTE]

    I just installed the Wedge on my 19 FXSVHO, how much do you need to adjust the reverse, trim, and steering? Also, any tricks on how to losen each linkage? Thx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njgprider View Post
    I just installed the Wedge on my 19 FXSVHO, how much do you need to adjust the reverse, trim, and steering? Also, any tricks on how to losen each linkage? Thx.

    You will need to adjust the trim rod, and steering cable so with the trim set in neutral both the trim nozzle and steering nozzle are sitting at the same angle as the exit nozzle. Also need to adjust the reserve bucket linkage slightly out further.

    Here’s a link to the instructions on the Worx Racing’s page.

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    I fitted mine with the wedge along with riva plate. Helped with porpoising and gained roughly 1mph. Didn’t negatively affect handling like it did on my Kawasaki ultra which is great.

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    be a use adjusting the trim is only changing the degrees of the steering nozzle and deflects the water. With the wedge, the whole Venturi nozzle along with steering nozzle are both directed 2 up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Z'mnypit View Post
    Dumb question Im sure, but why is a wedge needed when you have adjustable trim? Couldn't you just adjust the nozzle using the trim adjustment rod and achieve the same outcome?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MM-FXSVHO View Post
    I have a 19 FX SVHO with a RIVA stage 2 running 83mph. I installed the 2 degree wedge at the same time as all the parts, so not sure if it made a difference or not. Local race shop told me to remove it, so will try that and see if it picks up or slows down.
    Any update with this? Thanks

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    Will be attempting to install 2 degree wedge on 2019 FX HO this coming weekend before Lake days. Curious if this video is accurate for our Yamaha's too in regards to trim and steering adjustment. Thanks. (around 10:30 into the video )

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