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    newbie help slow gp1300

    First of all, just like to say hi to everybody as i am new to this forum. Really great forum with loads of tech stuff and very clever people. Thanks to Saltygpr(Paul) for pointing me in the right direction, top bloke and very helpfull.
    Anyway Last time i took my 04 gp1300r out my mate on my old xlt1200 ran the same sort of speeds infact some times he was quicker holeshot and top speed. The started to worry me a bit. So i ordered loads or Riva bits to see if i could improve speed. Put a solas 13/19 impeller on, riva ride plate, pump seal kit, riva scoop grate and some trim tabs just for starters. (got a modded head, protec stuffers d plate efi controller etc to go on but not had time yet to fit it.). Went out on Sat noticed the ski did not start very well at all and seems to be no quicker . Got really gutted when 2 kids on a rxt smoked me. some people have suggested the cat is gone, the ski has done 70 hours). Is it the best bet to fit the d plate and see what happens.

    any info would be gratefully recieved

    many thanks

    Steve U.K.

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    hi steve nice to see you posting..keep in touch for sure,will ride soon..

    normally when the cat has gone people can report the ski running better but if like mine it fell out of its holder and twisted in the down pipe sideways, that caused mine to start bad and run pretty chit..

    get that d plate in and try it for now but the stock 150p.s.i stock cut heads are begging to be fitted with the e.f.i..

    did you check the shoe was up in the hull and the prop clearance was as we talked about on the phone..??

    do a search and find how to put some angle on the ride plate of yours..

    guys we have had a fair share of plonkers on here in last two weeks mention no names, but steve is a great guy to talk and 100% ok, and is hungry for info ..
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    I thought just the ski's sold in the USA had the Cat installed and the other skis already had the D-plate fiited? I guess I thought wrong?

    Check the compression.
    Pump shoe hanging low.
    Check for exhaust leaks.
    Make sure the steering nozzle in the back is not moving freely up and down. If it is, the trim cable probably derailed from the cam under the storage bucket.
    The first two things I would buy is a tach and maybe a GPS.

    Make sure its running "right" BEFORE you do any more mods so you dont just cover the problem up with a power adder and never see its potential.

    Paul will help you out.

    I heard Paul is going to start teaching a class on ALL his days off work. So sign up now for the FREE GPR MOD classes in the UK.

    I think he will also buy the parts for you FREE of charge.

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