I didnt realise we had a fishing section when I posted this in Yamaha, Im looking to extend the VX from 270km range to 400+ via 43l tote which I saw on an fxho on here.

Im looking at one of these 2 skis.

I almost got sucked into the Sea Doo Fish Pro but its a lot of coin for a lot of features I dont think are well thought out.

The main desire I have is fuel economy and large hull, which is where the Sea Doo would have been good for he hull.

Im thinking a Used Yamaha VX and extending the the fuel range with a 12 Gal tote with proper brass fittings etc to the breather valves etc that I have seen a few do on here.

Im not so concerned about fish bin as I will use insulated catch bags and salt ice. Although this does limit me to having no rod holders so havnt thought that through yet.

On the other hand I have heard good things about the Kawasaki. And the hull looks the best of the lot.

But it comes down to fuel efficiency.

The VX Cruiser 1000cc does about 250km cruising at 48kph. In other words 5 hours cruising. Adding another 43l will give me another 172km, so about 400-420km range, which would be brilliant for offshore game fishing and deep water fishing. Also a low hours used one will let me fit high quality 10-12" sonar/gps system.

Any thoughts?