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    Ride Plate Wire hose clamps...

    In one of the past threads about Bulletproofing the RXP/RXT/GTX, one concern was some hose clamps in the coolng and bailer lines, I cut the plastic ties for the bailer lines, and installed 12 new stainless clamps Took out my cut off tool and ground groves in a sacrificial pair of pliers to remove wire clamps found on the ride plate hose nipples. Yes these are a PITA to get at/off...PR...
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    I saw a pair of specialty pliers at Autozone that had handles and a cable about 2 feet long that lead to an end made for taking off spring clamps like the ones you delt with PR. I don't think they were too much. They looked ideal for tight places and possibly reduce the tendency for those clamps to go flying and pinching fingers. My other concern with those clamps is the sharp, small sealing force they apply compared to a more even area of force applied by your average hose clamp. One thing i've used at work on electrical conduits for work that i thought would be helpfull is this kit we have that has a spool of different size hose clamp with different size screw ends. So basicly you can make your own clamps to any exact lenght you want. If i try it i'll let you know.

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    when installing my air intake i noticed those same clamps inside the hull running into the ride plate antifreeze and when i touched them one of them just broke off instantly

    lucky me

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    Clamps on bailers is a must have. How many laps can you lose with water over SC inlet Easy fix at home saves a big pain on the lake.

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    I was losing some serious coolant because of those damn things. Replaced them with some screw on clams and everything is good to go.

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    thnaks..hose clamps it is then

    I was wondering about these %%&%&& clamps also, I'm finsihing up a 4-tec ride plate replacement and between the razor sharp fiberglass ( what's upo with that?..a 10k ski that makes me want to string razor wire without gloves) shards in the hull and the close quarters in there I wasn't keen on putting those clamps back on, since it involved the purchase of another specialty tool, that no one in town seem to stock..and I want this ski outta the shop this weekend.

    So since I'm not the only one looking at these with an evil eye and hose clamps are a possible ( space available) I'll go with those instead.

    thanks! ( I've donated enough blood to the hull monsters this season, short as it wasa for me)

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