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    2000 GP1200R intake grate questions and superjet

    Hey guys. I'm thinking about putting an aftermarket intake grate on my ski. What's a good one and if I put an aftermarket on, do i need to upgrade the impeller or anything else to handle the increase of water volume? Also, this is a stupid question, but what does the ride plate do exactly?

    Separate topic: ive been looking at a 1990 superjet w/ a 701 motor. Any reason i should not get this ski? Like are there none major problems with them?


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    An R&D grate will work well with an R&D plate . The ride plate controls the hull attitude when on the plane going fast . A nose up angle is faster , they usually have strakes that keep directional control too a high speeds and hold on tighter in sharp turns . An after market impeller is faster too , a 13/19 Concord Solas impeller is a starting point.

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