I've been trying to figure out what's going on with this ski for about a month now and i'm at a loss to what's going on so i need a little professional advice. Here's the situation, the ski starts right up and idles good but just about anything over idle and it starts misfiring, like the rev limiter is kicking in.

The carb has been completely rebuilt and adjusted properly so i'm 99% sure i can rule that out. I took it apart again this past weekend and made sure there were no blocked passages and made sure all adjustements were right on factory spec. Everything on the ski is original.

I'm leaning towards electrical/ignition now. If i remove the plugs and crank the engine over i'm getting a good blue spark. I tested resistance in the plug wires and i'm getting about 13.5K resistance in both. What is odd is that when i disconnect the pos wire going to the coil and crank the engine over, the voltage jumps to about 8-10volts but then decreases to 2-3 volts after cranking the engine over for about 3-4 seconds. Not sure if that's normal.

Tested temp sensor and seems to be working properly since when it's in hot water you can hear it open up and i also hooked up VOM and can see resistance change. I also unplugged it and ran the motor with no change.

Also, to check spark i hooked up an inductive timing light just to see if both plugs are getting spark and to see if i can see 1 cylinder being effected more than the other. The spark seems a little choppy at idle and you can deffinately see it misfiring when rev'd up.

It's like the rev limiter is kicking in or whatever triggers the ignition to fire isn't right, so what would cause the rev limiter to kick in or what triggers the ignition?? Thanks