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    2019 RXT-230 Intercooler Winterizing Question

    Per the 2019 Repair and Maintenance Manual you should follow these 6 steps to expel any trapped water that may have accumulated from condensation in the external intercooler on 230 Engines and 300 Engines:

    1. Remove seats.
    2. Remove engine service cover.
    3. Ensure there is alignment line drawn on the intercooler air inlet hose. This will ensure the hose is not twisted or kinked on reinstallation.
    4. Loosen the clamp retaining the intercooler inlet hose.
    5. Remove the intercooler inlet hose from the intercooler. The air side of the intercooler is self-draining into the inlet manifold of the intercooler. By disconnecting the air inlet hose from the intercooler, the presence of condensate water can be visually assessed and properly drained off without running the engine.
    6. Reinstall the intercooler air inlet hose, ensure it is properly aligned as prior to removal to ensure proper engine operation.

    In regards to step #5, what is the best method of properly draining off the condensate water without running the engine? How much condensate water should I expect to see? If it is only a small amount of water, I would think that I could easily soak it up with a small dry towel by reaching a couple fingers inside the intercooler inlet? Or, is it necessary to suck the water out using options such as a turkey baster, shop vac, or extractor pump?

    This is the first pwc that I have owned with an intercooler. I have not winterized it yet. I was hoping someone experienced with the Sea-doo's 2018/2019 self-draining intercooler design could give me some advice and/or recommendations in advance. Thanks!

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    This is a very confusing procedure to follow. They used to recommend removing the IC outlet tube and running the engine to look for water discharge. The last time I did this I thought I had a leaky IC because "a lot" of water was discharged. I brought it to the dealer and they didn't see a problem.

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    I followed the procedure, as written in the Repair & Maintenance Manual, and wanted to share what I learned:

    1. Make an alignment line on the intercooler hose prior to removal. I did, and it helped with the re-install.

    2. It was difficult getting the air inlet hose off the intercooler. Even with the hose clamp very loose, I could not get the inlet hose to budge. I ended up removing the other end of the hose, on the super-charger side, and then was able to get enough leverage and twisting action on the hose to get it to slide off the intercooler inlet side.

    3. There was a small amount of water (a few ounces?) inside the intercooler, near the back (see picture). I was able to soak up the water by gently stuffing a micro-fiber towel inside the inlet hole. My PWC only has 12 hours on it. I am not sure if more hours would result in more water in the intercooler, or if climate and humidity is a bigger factor than hours? I would be interested to know what you guys have seen here.

    4. I reinstalled the intercooler air inlet hose on the intercooler side first, using my alignment line. I then installed the other end on the super-charger, using my alignment line on that end of the hose.

    Have you guys discovered any other tips/tricks on intercooler hose removal or intercooler winterizing? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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