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    ZXI 1100 - Pump Efficiency

    I'm in the process of doing a 1100 swap into a Seadoo xp hull. Most swaps I see they use custom machined pieces to combined the Kawi and Doo drive shafts so a seadoo pump can be used. The Seadoos have crap plastic pumps and are 140mm. I was looking at the Zxi and the pump and realized it might be easier to just cut the pump shoe off. (just the round part the pump fits into). And glass that into the Seadoo. How good are these pumps maintenance and efficiency wise? Is it worth the swap or is the zxi pump not that great

    Its either this or going with a $1500+ Scat magnum 148mm pump.
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    The 148mm kawi pump was also used in the stxr which came with a 1200. In that boat they would hold up until until output reached about 200-225 hp. Also factor in that hull setup weighed at around 650 lbs (plus fuel?)

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