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    What is a GP1300R worth not running?

    I'm thinking about getting rid of my 07 GP1300r instead of paying to get it fixed. I'm wondering if anyone has experience selling these as a whole ski for parts or rebuild.
    The oil pump failed. Cylinder 1 is ruined and the crank is seized. Everything else works and the hull is in great shape. Would be selling it with a trailer - nothing fancy.
    Does anyone know what would be a reasonable price to advertise this for locally? Long Island, New York.
    Thank you!

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    That’s a big repair bill , effectively making the ski worth a fraction of a running unit . The market is flooded with GPR’s in the same condition, we are starting to see 4 strokes in the same market with a major failure making them even more expensive to repair. The mechanics out their will be fine repairing their own machines buying wrecked skis like yours to keep their own machines running.

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    I was given a non running GP800R, and it did not have internal damage. I'd be surprised if you got more than a few hundred for it, even with it being the big motor.

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