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    Wave jumping for Newbies

    Tips so not to get that big slam when landing. That can't be good for the hull. I went airborn for the 1st time a few weeks ago and loved it , what I didn't love was my landing and the wall of water that came over the bow .

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    I think more practice will make better landing but I believe there is no way to avoid a few hard landings from time to time The tricks depends on the control of the throttle/direction approaching the wave.
    I love wave jumping on both of my RXP and Wake 215

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    its hard to control 4-500+ pounds wanting to have gravity pull that sucker back down where it belongs. the best you can do i manipulate your body as much as you can. for example shifting weight foward or back, both on approach, takeoff and mid-air.

    i know if i dont take the wave just right on my super jet i come slamming down, and its killer on my ankles, but at least my superjet has a few hundred pounds of weight less than your sit-down.

    my two seater VXR i can manipulate pretty good, just shifting body weight like i do on my ATV i can twist, turn or dive that sucker without too much effort.

    but if your craft has some weight to it, like my 3 seater waveventure, well, then you just gotta hit the gas, and let nature take its course, because aint nothing gonna stop that beast from doing whats its gonna do, ang going where its gonna go.

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    check out in my videos. I love to jump. In time u will learn how to control the land. Also if have have vts make sure its up a little

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    VTS all the way up and I pin it. U only have to watch out for when u get one of those waves that sends the ski past vertical, then it gets a little sketchy u know the ones u hit off big 70foot vikings and shit like that.

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    I do alot of wake jumping on my RXT. I do only lake riding so I can only comment on jumping another boats wake but not ocean waves. My best jump was from a 50' tripple deck cruiser that was doing about 30 knots (I guess he must have had about 2000 hp?) He had a huge 6 foot wake rolling off of his stern. I caught about 10 - 15 feet of air and landing totally smooth.

    The trick for jumping a wake and having a smooth landing is jump from the outside in. If you jump from the middle of the wake behind the boat across the outbound roller, it always lands harder.

    I usually even up with the boat from about 100 to the side of it and then turn in. I try to get completly perpendicular to the wave. That requires about a 120 degree turn when riding parallel to the boats path. I aim for the first flat spot of the wake. By the time you get there the secondary wave will have risen and you will be at the largest part of the wake. I go about 30 mph and then nail it all the way up the wake. It lifts the nose and lands tail first. It is completly smooth when executed properly.

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    I've only been riding ski's for about two weeks so I'm far from an expert, but it seems to me that the trick is to keep up some forward speed/momentum. If you hit the waves at 20-30mph, you might catch more air than you wanted to intially, but when you land you'll still have some forward speed and that makes for a smoother landing.

    When possible jumping/launching from the front of one swell and landing on the back side downslope ofw the swell right behind it seems to work really well, but the interval has to be just right. Nothing worse than coming down nose first into the on coming face of the next swell like a lawn dart.

    On the larger ocean swells you need only the slightst bit of forward momentum, <15mph, off some of these rollers to get air, but time your air born you decellerated even more and you essential just fall straight down 10-15feet, like a jets ski "belly flop" with the horrible hull slap.
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    Thanks guys I will try your suggestions. From the vids that i've seen, it looks like the best landing are nose up tail down

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