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    Is it a seized bearing?

    Hi Guys

    Newbie to PWC repair here. Tougher than outboards that's for sure.
    Anyway here's my problem.
    My 2005 FX H0 ( 196 hours) came out of proper storage and started right up ( dry) as expected. Shut it down after 15 seconds and when I went to start it again motor couldn't turn over against some resistance. A few weeks passed by before my mechanic friend could get to it.
    We pulled the pump (with difficulty) and then propshaft came right out.. so we concluded that the intermediate bearing was seized.
    With the propshaft off, the motor started right up. Seemed to confirm
    that the intermediate bearing must be the problem and from what I have read here to replace it requires moving the engine, if not pulling it right out.
    Ouch, that looks like a big job, especially re-aligning it at the end.

    Some questions:

    1. The engine coupler looks like it is still connected to that bearing assembly, so why did the engine then run freely with the propshaft gone, if that intermediate bearing is seized? ( Aside : the impeller spins freely and the final bearing looks fine) . About one month elapsed from the first problem to actually pulling the pump off because it was so tough to remove, so restarting the ski as above was one month later.

    2. The diagrams seem to show a small shaft in that bearing carrier on the bulkhead. If so, how will just moving the engine forward create enough room to pull this assembly out?

    3. What is in there? One bearing and two seals? The diagram in the service manual is confusing ( to me, anyway) . I thought that the splined propshaft went all the way into the engine , but now I'm not sure. Does it go into this intermediate shaft which then connects to the engine?

    Any advice on all of this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Dave

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    Ok , the intermediate bearing is fine . If it was the problem the engine would still have the same problem. The pump liner is where you need to look , the liners are known for expanding due to corrosion and jamming the impeller. Remove the pump and it’s fine . That’s probably where you’re issue is .

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    I agree replace pump liner
    It was most likely swollen and jamming the prop
    Much easier fix as well

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