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    glad to hear they sorted it out so quickly with a solution that WORKS!
    Great news

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    Hi ALL ,

    Sorry for my English I speak French , Just to share my experience :

    This "new" Bracket still have the same issue but it happen just with an harder landing .
    I m using it in ocean and I'm not recommended this system at all for the price in this situation....

    The sound is awesome and loud But for people who want jumping waves ( just a bit it's enough ) It still not reliable with this new bracket.
    My speakers after like 7 fall off , I just put it in the front storage :/

    Hoping and waiting for a new recall xD

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    My bracket was factory installed about 1mm off of center at the top. This resulted in just enough of a bad fit that when the fix for the recalled part was installed, it too released the sound bar on even easy landings. Ultimately the entire body panel that the bracket mounts to had to be replaced and drilled correctly. Problem solved, but it was more than jut. Bad bracket, poor factory install.

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