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    broken mfd need help fast

    on my 94 sl 750 the mfd is broken does not read at all. it seems like the ski is in limp mode. it starts and idles fine but wont rev up very much tops out at like 15 mph i would guess. out of the water when i rev it it sounds like it is hitting a rev limiter but only reving to maybe 4000 rpms not much at all. it has brand new reed and i drained the tank and put new gas in it. it is also full of oil. i think its because of the mfd not working. is there anyway that i can bypass the mfd and run without? thanks

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    check the little fuse in the electrical box !!!

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    checked fuse it is good. thanks

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    I do not think the 94's had a limp mode. Have you changed the fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel selector switch. If not, you might be running real lean. Do a compression check, pull off the domes of the cyclinders, and take a look, and take a pic. Have you checked your impeller bearings? Just some basics, but I would guess you have a lean condition and not getting enough fuel. but this is just a guess, you need to check the basics, it might be just a chipped reed valve?

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    Check the compression to make sure it's good internally. But you could try removing the grey wire inside the box to bypass any limp mode if equipped. (which I think there isn't)

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    You need to talk to wethrby he can hook ya up cheap

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    thanks for the all the help but motor locked up tight!!!

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