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    looks like some info for the 2020 kawis is leaking

    looks like europe and watercraft journal are leaking some 2020 info...

    doesn't even look like bng for the 310r looks like some metallic paint for the 310 lx looks like the red 310 has been replaced by YELLOW looks like the orange se remains unchanged

    looks like some of the ultra 310 features will now be available on the redesigned stx-160

    How they can claim the newly re-designed / renamed stx-160 is a spark contender ill never know

    probably didn't fix the piston problem

    was told by 2 different dealers ( supposedly ) in the know, that if i liked the supercharged kawis i was really going to like what kawi has in store for 2020 so far i'm not seeing or hearing any new rumors of a new ski guess that stx-250r isn't happening.

    i guess my only hope is they find the fix for the stalling, hesitation, bogging, surging problems that it turns out they have had since 2018 in the next 7 months, and they dont go ahead and release the 2020's with the SAME problem , and we can buy 2 new 2020 310R's this spring and take our chances with potentially faulty pistons, because they probably haven't addressed that problem either .
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    No way would I take that chance after all you have been through.....
    Bad Karma dude.

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