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    Motor issue with low hour 2007 FX H.O.

    So here is the story. I picked up a 2007 FX H.O ski for a project. It only had 67 hours and overall was in good shape. I bought it from an older guy who didn't really use it alot. The last time he rode it (this year) he said it rode normal for 5 min or so then the ski went into limp mode, the low oil light came on, then it shut itself off so he had it towed in. long story short the problem was a rusty hole in the oil filter. I pulled the whole motor out cleaned it up and replaced all the zink hose clamps with SS worm clamps and put the motor back in. The psi is 210+- per hole. So after i got it cleaned, back together, and new gas and oil i took it to the lake for a test run. The only thing that i know i did wrong was i put too much oil in it (about 3/4 of a quart) anyway when i took it for a test ride i rode it around really slow for about 5 min to make sure everything was working properly and it was at first. All the sudden as i was putting around the ski just shut off. I was going maybe 5mph at the time. I went to start it back up but, it was acting like the motor was locked up ( starter just straining) and the low volt light came on. So i swam it in, got it home, and charged the battery. As a side not there was no oil in the air cleaner area. Now with a full battery It still didn't want to turn over. So i pulled the spark plugs out and tried to crank it over that way. It strained for a second then started turning over fine. I checked the compression again and it was still good on all cylinders. All the spark plugs looked fine so i put them back in and tried to start it up again. This time it started up and ran fine! i bumped the throttle and it responded appropriately. I ran it for like 10-15 seconds, but as it was idling it abruptly stopped with a screech (sounded like rusty breaks). I tried to turn it over again and initially the motor turned over really slowly for a second or two (like it was really tight). Then it started cranking fine again and started up. The same thing happened it abruptly stopped with a screech several seconds in. What does that sound like to you guys? thank in advance for the help.

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    I'd pull the pump and check bearings

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    ^^^ what he said.
    Also check for wear ring "blisters" while you have it pulled.

    Next, re-check them motor mounts .... the age and year of that ski has a known history of de-lamination of the rubber in the mounts. This may cause the motor to shift abruptly and misalign at the couplers, bind, stop, etc...

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    Thanks for the advice I didn't even think about the pump. Ill pull it and check those bearings. I just had the motor out to put SS worm clams on all the hoses and I had to replace one of the motor mounts the rest of them checked out ill check again though just to be sure. Ill let yall know what i find out.

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