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    Engine surges and RPM difference

    I have a 2005 Speedster S200 with 2 - 185hp Rotax engines. I had problems with the engines cavitating on take off, an RPM difference between the engines, and the right engine surging slightly at idle. I changed the wear rings which resolved the cavitition issues. The RPM difference at the same throttle setting is about 2000 RPM less on the right engine and the right engine still surges. The RPM difference is not a problem at full power. I am going to look in the manual and see if I need to adjust the throttle cables.

    Any suggestions?

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    Might check spark plugs.

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    Take up some slack in your starboard throttle cable to even up your rpms with throttle positions. My boat also occasionally surges a few hundred rpms while cruising at idle speed and from what I hear isn't uncommon. Forgot the explained cause . . . richer fuel/air mixture at that speed or something like that.

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