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    Front storage compartment insulation/organization

    Any thoughts on stopping items rattling around in front storage compartment? Have been unable to find any aftermarket inserts, suspended netting, etc.

    my current plan is to glue 1/2 thick closed cell foam from sail rite on the bottom and side surfaces to stop impacts from heavier things like anchor and metal hooks on bumpers. Also planning on installing pole snap brackets on the bulkhead to hold a telescoping emergency oar.

    Any tips ops or ideas welcome. New owner. Thank you.

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    Heavy stuff like an anchor i wrap up in a towel or rag. Smaller stuff like sunscreen, snacks, goggles, etc i put in a waterproof bag with a spare shirt or shorts for the wife. Works great to keep stuff in order and is fairly inexpensive. Has worked for me the last 15 years.

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