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    filling in rideplate holes

    what type of epoxy/compound do you use to seal up the bolt holes on your intake grate and rideplate??? and what would happen if u do at somepoint need to take off one of those items?

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    I use the Loctite 2 part waterproof epoxy you can get at Lowes, it looks like a tube of clay, with a blue outer shell, and white inside, like a cream filled tootsie roll, around $5, it gets hard in about 5 minutes, and sands well. I take a piece of nylon rope and wrap it around the bolt head, then place a bit of duct tape over it. That keeps the epoxy off the bolt and head, so when you need to remove the bolt, you just use a ball peen hammer, tap the epoxy plug, and then you have access to the bolt head.

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