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    Loss of 8 mph on TRIXX

    My niece's TRIXX will only go about 40 or so, all of a sudden. I looked under it and it looks ok except the IBR looks a little down to me, almost like it would cause a little bit of drag. Has this been an issue with these? It's a 2018.

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    remove the bucket and see if you can go faster

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    Quote Originally Posted by speed51133 View Post
    remove the bucket and see if you can go faster
    Duh!! Good suggestion, Speed!! I'll try that.

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    While your doing that, look at the disposable wear ring, it probably has a hole in it or cracked and thats your problem. It is designed to do that if something goes through the pump.

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    Do you still get the same rpms as before? If you do, probably the wear ring is toast. The iBR bucket is normally in neutral position unless you are in "gear", when the engine is off it's always in neutral, sort of half down.

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    I had bent impeller blades on my first first spark, wear ring was still in one piece, though it had plenty of scratches.

    My ski went only 40mph back then, if i remember right it would not rev past 7700rpm (max revs aprox 8000rpm.)

    Toast wear ring most likely will have more dramatic effects on performance through out the revs...

    I straightened the blades with a wrench and it ran just fine after that.

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    Thank you so much guys for ALL your responses. I will go over the machine this weekend and I will certainly get back to everyone when the problem is solved.

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    Thanks for all your help, Guys. I wanted to give you an update as my Neice took it to the dealer and they found out what was up. She said the o-ring was busted but I assume she means the wear ring and there were some dings in the prop as well. So all of you guys hit the nail on the head. Thank you for the help.

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    Great to hear the issue was resolved. This will be a good future reference.

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