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    Ultra 150 2003 Loss of power

    Hello, So I took my ultra out on the water today and it ran fine for about 20 minutes, then all of a sudden I lose power. It would stay running but had like no acceleration, If I pulled the throttle it would kind of bog and then it would gain a bit of power. I've taken it out weekly and everything worked as it should. I've read possible pump rebuild? I looked in the jet and it looks like the propeller has been rubbing on the walls a bit. It also looks like the propeller has moved back farther towards the rear of the ski because it doesn't line up with the metal scrapes in the tube. It stalled a few times at idle and seemed to be idleing at a half thousand rpm which isn't normal. I had to stay slightly on the throttle to get back to the dock. So I took it home, changed plugs and the motor ran good with no bogging or anything like that. But I'm thinking thats because it's not under load. I'm just curious what you guys think? I bought it with 110 hours a few months ago and it now has 130 hours. The guy I got it from said everything has been gone threw but said nothing about the pump. Is it possible to take the pump apart and rebuild with the pump rebuild kit and that's it? I work on cars all the time but never have done work on a jet ski. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Well, compression check is in order
    Also check for exhaust leaks, often the hose from the stinger to water box can burn a hole in it
    If it idles and does not stall in the water, the pump is porbably not your problem and a failing pump will make a lot of noise and would stall the motor if there is enough load that would restrict it from reving up (bogging)
    When were the oil lines replaced/checked?
    Im betting exhaust leak.

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    Sounds like you have a dead cylinder. I would advise not running the ski anymore till you complete a compression test like mentioned above. Also pull that pump

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    Few things:

    Mostly, sounds like a dead cylinder. Change plugs, check for spark at all 3, do compression test.

    Could be exhaust leak, I agree with SplishSplash the rubber hose on the inlet to the waterbox is known to come off on Ultras.

    I don't think it is a failure of the pump. You would hear that when running the ski out of the water. However, with that said, the pumps on Ultras need to be rebuilt on regular intervals. I used to rebuild my pump every 30-50hrs, but that is with turning a bit more HP than stock. You can rebuild it yourself, it is not hard, and fully documented in the service manual. However I'm sure you can still find a shop that specializes in rebuilding them. Back in the day most shops had an upgraded bearing set they would use.

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    The upgraded bearing set is from 03-05 ultra.

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    Thanks for getting back to me, So I did a compression test earlier and it came out good, it ranged from 115-120 on all 3 cylinders. Happy the motors not blown! I changed the plugs and looked at exhaust. Everything looks good, I haven't had much time so I'm gonna take the exhaust off and inspect it this weekend. It sounds good out of the water besides a chatter I hear. Kind of like a metal on metal sound, that's why I thought it was the pump. I'm doing the pump either way, and I'm going to check the fuel diaphragm too.

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    Don't pull the exhaust off yet, just ride it with the seat off and see what it does.

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    Update, Stored the ski for the winter and got back into it this week. Checked compression all good, started it and it was still bogging and not running right. Opened up the fuel pump and the diaphragm was ripped in half, I don't know how it was even running at all. Got a new pump on the way which I think will solve my issues.

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