Lot of random parts

Location Grifton n.c

Xlt gpr 12f,ultra lx, zxi parts

07 lx computer with key also have harness and body panels and a few pistons and rods
03 12f cases oil pump cylinders a 07 and 03 computer,coils start stops and a few other parts
Zxi 1100 pump a few 900 and 700 pumps some need wear rings
2 900 cdi boxes and I have a few of the control boxes that trim hooks in also might have a few trim motors left

Yamaha 66v crank cases
Power valve survos 1200 and 1300
Computers 66v 64x 60t and 1300 non pv
2 gpr 1200 trim cables and steering cables the long trim
Lots of short trim cables for xlt and gpr
The handle bar trim cables for fx 160 140
Mid shaft with housing fx 140 160
800 Pv cases
61x cases
64 x cases
64x jugs not sure on shape yet
66v carbs
Xlt display
2 pumps from 97 wave venture 150mm I believe?
D shafts and pumps for gpr and xlt
Flywheels stators 1200r 1300r fx 160 Kawasaki 12f
OEM nozzles
Riva f/a for 66v
1 Concord yf-cd-12/18
Lots more parts