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    2001 gtx di smoking Help please

    New to this forum hope this is in the right place also new to pwc and working on them. I am pretty mechanically inclined but mostly work on cars. Anyways I know the previous owner and when I bought it it ran fine in his driveway on a hose no maintenance light or smoke. I get it out to the water the next day itís smoking in idle I know itís a 2 stroke so I thought it might be normal I get out past no wake and give it gas it smokes worse. Trailer it bring it home so I just need a point in the right direction. PO already replaced rectifier and battery couple months ago. So on the trailer Iíve checked plugs it has compression the tester I rented is bad will try a different one today it has fuel pressure I see it spray out with the plugs out but I donít have a gauge, I took the rave valves out and cleaned them looking down the pistons look clean from the rave valve opening, the oil pump cable seems good
    the smoke seems less as I let it sit and idle but if I give it throttle at all it smokes worse and maintenance flashes and again none of this was happened in his driveway friday night, Iíve worked on it all weekend and at the end of the day yesterday the 12 volts low light came on I am hoping from start stopping it for 2 days without riding it so any pointers would be nice thanks?

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    To to update this I found that the 25 amp fuse for the regulator was blown had the ski out today working fine no more maintenance lights I got up to about 55 at 6480 rpm but I can still see the smoke in the water at low rpm and idle so new question could the smoke be from the rave valves or is it more likely the pump or crank case seal? Thanks

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