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    Gallery: Champions & Charity at Lake Charles’ 2019 Pro Watercross National Championsh

    There was definitely a different feel in the air and on the water for the 2019 Pro Watercross National Championships. For more than a decade, this season-ending, tour-capping event has taken place in Charleston, WV – home of Hidden Trails Motorsports and the Frame family. This year, however, Pro Watercross head honcho AJ Handler shook things up, announcing in the Spring that the National Championships would be moving to a new venue. Originally, Bryan College Station, Texas, was announced as the new home of the Pro Watercross National Championships, but unspecified complications led to a last minute change, and on July 19, Pro Watercross announced that the Aug. 10-11 National Championship would be held in Lake Charles, LA.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com

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