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    Need Help With Dual Carb Setup

    So Yesterday I reported that the dual 38mm carbs off a 98 700 were doing well. Today I take the wife out and we run around for an hour. The water was too choppy to run full speed so I stayed around 30 mph. I did run her up a bit but would not hold it there long. Overall I happy with the performance but there are two issues I could use help with.

    1. It idles at 1300 just after starting up and for a few minutes till I get out of the "no wake zone". Hit full throttle and off she goes. But after a good ride I go into some back water and it will idle at 1300 rpm's for 20 seconds give or take and them start slowing down. After about a minute or so it downs to 900 rpm's. I'm not sure what would cause this.

    2. If I hold the throttle so it's running about 2100 to 2400 rpm's the engine sounds funny, noisy, almost like a cylinder skipping or something. It is defiantly a different sound than when I had a single at that rpm.

    the only other thing I can tell you is my fuel is mixed at 50:1 and there is 115psi on both cylinders.

    I'm one of those guys that love older machines but some times drive myself nuts over perfection for no reason.

    thanks for any help.

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    Ok I found the problem and it was a stupid mistake glad it didn't cost me an engine from running lean.

    So yesterday morning I figured I would pull the carbs and see if I missed something and I did. As I remove the breather housing I noticed my carbs moved. Yep I left the bolts loose.

    I cinched them down, put the breather back on and the wife and I took it to the lake. We put about 60 miles on it with no engine issue at all.

    However there seemed to be excessive porpoising but I'll open a new thread on that.
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