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    1991 550sx project

    Hey everyone,
    New to the group. Just picked up a 550sx project that Iím building for my son. Most all of it is there and in good shape but the pump. Iím looking for a complete 550sx pump at a reasonable price. Keep finding tons for 550ís.

    Have not had a Jetski since I was 18. My first job from 15-18 was at a Jetski rental place on LBI..I saved my money to buy my first big purchase ever, a worked 440 from the owner. Rode and enjoyed it for a few years then sold it to buy my first car.

    Felt like a fun project to restore an old 550sx back to working and nice looking condition. Wish me luck!

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    Welcome to the forum. I am not sure what kind of response you will get for this type of ski on here. I am not real familiar with these older standups but if I remember the 440 pump is an upgrade and may bolt in or require the shoe to be swapped. You may want to try posting at PWCtoday, pretty sure that crowd will be more familiar with the older standups. Also tons of parts in the classifieds.

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