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    01 Virage 700 Changed to Dual Carbs

    I am new to this forum and joined because I just got my first ski.

    I've had bikes, boats and other toys throughout the years but at 58 I figured it was time for a ski.

    My friend had a 01 Polaris Virage 700 for the past 3 years. He has had it in the shop several times but could never get it to accelerate correctly. So I got it from him and quickly found that the acceleration pump on the carb wasn't working. After cleaning the carb and replacing all fuel lines I got it to run better but most of the time it would bog when you hit the throttle until you past 3200 rpm's. I went into the carb a couple more time but could never get a good spray. Other than that the Ski would run about 6050 rpm and 46 mph. My wife is about 120 pounds and with her on it, it ran the same.

    I decided to put on a set of 38mm carbs off a 98 700. I rebuilt the carbs before installing. I got everything finished this morning and took her out. Acceleration is great from idle to full throttle. She now runs 6450 rpm's and 53 mph. the wife and I will go out tomorrow and I'll see if her weight changes anything.

    Now I still need to order a oil pump as I split the line I had into two and have seen on here everyone says to go with the dual line pump. I did however add oil to my fuel knowing there is air in the oil line.

    After riding about 12 miles I took it home. There I pulled one of the oil lines off the carb and no oil.

    My question is does it take longer than that to purge the air? Or is it that I split the line?

    Other than still working with the oil everything went smooth. The only real mod was getting the air box to fit.

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    Glad to hear you got the carbs working pretty well.
    The 700 engines should turn around 6700 in great conditions-temp and humidity matters.

    Yeah, the oil lines are kinda calibrated by how many hoses leaving the pump. But I would guess according to the number of cylinders. I would guess it should feed enough for 2 cylinders.
    The oil pump is pretty stingy. at idle it will barely pour over the edge of the hose, like a drop at a time.

    Lifting up on the pump lever when idling will put it at a level matching full throttle and oil will be more then a drop.
    The pump does have an air bleed screw, chrome and pointing towards the carbs, phillips head? That will bleed air from the supply hose from the tank.

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