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    2002 STX-R history

    All these recent threads about the 2002 STX-R have gotten my interest peaked about the history of this model ski. I also have a 2002 and it's my favorite ski. Still scares the crap out of me at times with how fast it is.

    I know we have some folks around here who were involved with Kawasaki back in 2002 when the ski came out. For those folks, I have some questions. Maybe this will also shed some light on this unique ski.

    Was it a regular ski that anyone could go to a dealer and buy, or did you have to prove you were a racer or something to get one? Have actually heard conflicting stories on this.

    When it came out, what did everyone think of it? Was it popular, or not really? Did dealers get a certain allotment of them, or were they all ordered?

    Any other stories or info yall can share who were around and into these things when they were new is greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Kevin, The only info I can add is that they could be purchased by non race team affiliated folks. The two that I am involved with were picked up at a Leisure Equipment in PA, by asking for "The fastest, best handling ski you got". And at 17 years old, they are crazy stupid fast still. That being said I would love to hear insights from the old ski heads on them.


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    As I recall, there was a time that you had to be a racer to buy a 2-stroke. This wasn't related to performance, but to emissions.

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    Been gone for a bit, but I was a diehard Kawi guy back then.

    From what I remember, it was just a normal ski any dealer could order. You wouldn't see near as many at dealers as other skis. Might have one STX-R while having 10+ of each 900/1100/Ultras. Dealers always talked them up as pure race skis. That was probably to get over the fact they were missing the selling points of other 3 seaters back then (Mirrors, reverse, FI, boarding step)

    The 1200 was a hot ski, and most Kawi messageboards were a split of Ultras and STX-Rs. Tons of performance parts for both.

    Speed wise the Ultra would always have a few MPH in glass over a similar HP STX-R. However any bit of chop and the STX-R would stay with or over take the Ultra with ease. STX-R had a much better holeshot than the Ultra. Close bud used to have a single pipe STX-R and he would stay with my triple pipe Ultra till the mid 50s, then I'd walk away.

    If I'm remembering correctly there was a recall or atleast a known issue with the fuel tank or vent line on the early 2002s. Seem to remember something about that back in the day.

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    Yep, no special requirements to buy. I always found it interesting as a transition ski from the older style stx to the newer ones.

    The outer hull shape is the same as the 12/15f but the inner hull is much closer to the 900/1100 in that it has a liner while the 4 strokes are solid csm or sprayed glass.

    The pump is 12/15f spec not the 900/1100

    The sponsons are the same as the 900/1100 but the intake grate and plate mounts are 12/15f pattern.

    There is more oddness but I havn't looked at either stxr hull I have in a while.


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    I have a pump out of an older 1100 in my stxr, it was identical to what came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    I have a pump out of an older 1100 in my stxr, it was identical to what came out.
    I stand corrected, I thought it was the newer style with the water log on top not the single outlet style the older stx used.

    My bad


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    Depends on the year, 04-05 have that. aslong as its a 148mm if will work in that hull.

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    The STX-R existed for Model years 2002 to 2005. 2002 was the best year. I owned a 2002 and 2004, and the 2002 was quicker, faster, lighter . . . You couldn't buy an STX-R in CA, but you could buy it out of state and then Register it in CA. The STX-R was essentially a "parts bin" Ski. The Ultra 150 engine coupled with a slightly modified STX 1100 Hull.

    Had the STX-R come out a few years earlier, KAW could have sold "thousands" of them in CA. Of all the Jet Skis, Sea Doos, Wave Runners I have owned over the years, my 2002 STX-R is probably my favorite all time Ski. The original engine went over 450 hours before it finally conked out. And that was because one of the Oil Injection lines came off.

    Simpler times / Simpler Skis . . . miss those days! JB

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