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    Hi u can buy a tube of gel coat from a boat store or e bay for around 7
    when you apply it get it as smooth as poss cos its a real bitch to sand down
    i normally put tape over it so it goes nice and smooth
    then just just some black paint from boat store its cheap enough,put a couple of coats on

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    It's real easy to do. I had several gouges from hitting stuff in the water over the past year. I also had 2 quarter size chips in the jelcoat all the way down to the fiberglass. I fixed everything in less than an hour. I haven't even sanded it yet and it looks almost perfect.

    You want to put the coloring into the gelcoat rather than paint it. That way, the color is all the way through and you can sand it and polish it to a high gloss. The factory gelcoat is done in this manner. You can also sand most of the minor scratches out as the gel coat is over an 1/8" thick everywhere, and in some places it is really thick.

    I used Evercoat brand polyester gelpaste. The gelpaste is a little thicker than the gelcoat and makes for a single-application repair. I then added the black coloring according to the directions and mixed thoughly and then added the catalyst hardener. You mix it all up really well and smear it on with a plastic filler spreader. It came out almost perfect without any sanding.

    Next time I do a repair, I'll post before and after pics. Maybe I can do a little write-up on how to do the repairs and post the pics and steps along the way. If you have ever done any type of body work (e.g. Bondo, etc) then this will be second nature to you.

    The key to doing it right is to properly prepare the surface. I use methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). They have it at the boat shops.

    Everything you need to do the repairs will be around $30 or less.

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