I accidentally posted this in the Performance section......

My dad has a F12x at his lake house. I changed the oil in it over 4th of a July and rode it that whole week with no issues. Today he was riding it and a low oil pressure light came on the display. He took it back to the dock and checked the oil. The level was good. He started it back up and took it for another ride. The light stayed on then an alarm came on and the engine shut off.

He also mentioned when he first got to the lake house the battery was dead and now that the battery is charged he says it sounds like a motor is constantly running. My guess is the fuel pump but not sure why.

It sounds like the main relay is the cause for the buzzing noise and draining of the battery, but what about the oil light and alarm? Could that just be from the battery being low?

Does any body have any ideas what can be checked?

Thanks for any help.